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Microplane Professional Series Large Shaver

Microplane Professional Series Large Shaver

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Garnish a layered fudge cake or litter mushroom ravioli with fresh, salty Parmesan cheese using MicroplaneÕs stainless-steel grater. This professional grade kitchen tool caters to hard foods, and produces flavorful inch-wide curls. Keeping fingers at a safe distance, hold shaver at an angle and run food in a downward motion over the grating plane. Six razor-sharp blades, staggered on the arched cutting surface, cut effortlessly and resist clogging for continuous grating. A band of rubber encircling the bottom edge prevents slipping and provides stability. The stainless-steel handle features rounded edges for a comfortable hold and finishes with a small metal loop to simplify storage. Measuring 13-1/2 by 3 by 1 inches, this tool carries a polished shine and is dishwasher-safe. To protect against dulling, cover cutting surface with accompanying plastic blade guard when not in use.

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